Small perceived penis (subjective penile hypoplasia)

Psychological effects of a "small penis"

Under no circumstances should we neglect or even ridicule the group of men who simply have the subjective feeling that their penis is too short or too small. All social classes are represented in this group, regardless of their level of education. Although the length of their penis reaches the average standard value when erect, these men suffer emotionally from the supposed smallness of their penis. They fear the appraising gaze of colleagues and friends in the shower or sauna.


Men have a penis value. Many men feel this way. Men with a non-erect large penis stand for power, sexual potency and strength. The subjectively perceived penis hypoplasia often begins in childhood at school and often manifests itself later through experiences in military service, sports, saunas, gyms, etc. If the penis remains small (due to illness or hereditary causes), self-confidence and personal appearance often remain underdeveloped.

This "head problem" of a small penis naturally belongs in the hands of an experienced sex therapist if the patient is suffering. Unfortunately, the number of people who do not open up to a therapist out of misunderstood shame or fear is high.


If a man now really feels that his penis is too small and, despite previous discussions with reputable specialists, wishes to undergo therapy, he can now be offered PHALLOSAN forte, a method that is medically safe and can also provide a cost-effective remedy for his psychosexual disorder. At the same time, all future therapeutic options remain open. In contrast to "forms of therapy" with pills and ointments for a larger penis, treatment with PHALLOSAN forte also offers no risky side effects.