PHALLOSAN forte app

The PHALLOSAN forte app. Your personal training companion

With the free PHALLOSAN forte app you can optimise the achievement of your goals and increase your motivation.

The app reminds you when it is time to wear PHALLOSAN forte, because regular training is crucial for success. You receive uncomplicated statistics on the daily wearing time and the progress of your training. The intuitive menu navigation and visualisation also motivate you to keep going.

The "continuity value" in the app indicates how closely your training behaviour corresponds to our recommendations, but also takes into account training that is too irregular or excessive.

The measurements in the app are not editable to ensure correct data for doctors, if desired.

Data backup is the responsibility of the user. For data protection reasons, there are no automatic data backups. Regular backups are recommended.

In addition to the personalised training plan, you will receive valuable tips and tricks, news and offers directly in the app.

Discover your effective and motivating personal trainer.

(Ø Rating Apple App Store - September 22nd, 2022)

(Ø Rating Google Play - May 5th, 2022)

Important notes on using the app

  • If possible, familiarise yourself with the app before you start training. Take a look at all areas of the main menu and create sample data. Many customer service enquiries are related to the fact that the user is not familiar with certain functions of the app. If you are familiar with the app, you can use the RESET function (Settings / Reset app menu) to reset the app to its installed state and start "real" training.
  • The user is fully responsible for backing up the stored data. For data protection reasons, there are NO automatic data backups on our servers or other external services. If you lose your device or switch to a new device, you can transfer the data to a new installation of the app using an export created BEFOREhand (Settings menu - Import/Export). We therefore recommend making such backups at regular intervals and also backing up the backup files to other media (cloud, e-mail, etc.). Alternatively, use the preferred backup software of your respective end device.
  • Measurements recorded in the app (length, circumference) are NOT editable. This is to enable continuous statistical recording in order to provide correct data for treating physicians, for example. Therefore, please ensure that the information provided is correct and does not contain any typing errors. However, you can overwrite a previously recorded measurement with a new one ON THE SAME DAY if you subsequently discover an error. In particular, the initial start values from the set-up can NOT be edited.
  • The "Continuity" value displayed in the app is a simple indicator of how close your training behaviour is to our official recommendations (6 days a week, 8-10 hours a day). This means that the continuity takes into account irregular, but also excessive, training and reduces the value. This does NOT mean that the training is less effective or even wrong. We simply do not recommend any use outside of our guidelines, as only these are supported by our clinical studies. It is therefore best to develop your own feeling for how you can train effectively and, above all, with long-term motivation, taking into account the recommended minimum training duration.