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Even better results in less time - with your PHALLOSAN forte and this app you can achieve your goals even quicker.

The NEW PHALLOSAN forte App for Android and iOS

Your personal training plan - for smartphone and tablet


Even better results in less time - with your PHALLOSAN forte and this app you can achieve your goals even quicker. Based on your individual requirements and training goals the PHALLOSAN forte App develops a personal training plan for your maximum success.

The app is your daily companion during your training with PHALLOSAN forte. It reminds you of your training times, records the length of your training time as well as the frequency of your sessions. Clear statistics quickly show you the progress you have made with PHALLOSAN forte and encourage you to keep training.

In addition you receive useful tips and tricks for the succesful PHALLOSAN forte as well as news, offers and support-numbers in case you need any help.

The NEW PHALLOSAN forte App step by step

Install the PHALLOSAN forte App for your device from your relevant App-Store. The PHALLOSAN forte App is available for Android (e.g. Samsung Galaxy,...) and iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPad, iPod Touch) smartphones and tablet computers.

Please note that the display can vary slightly between devices. The App is easy and intuitive to use. If you have any problems with the App, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


1. Start the app

After the App has been opened for the first time, you arrive at the Dashboard. This shows you clearly and concisely your most important current training data and analysis.

The tachometers in the midldle of the screen show you how well you are keeping to your training plan. The "wearing time" indicates how well you are following the provided, optimal wearing times. The "continuity" section gives information about the frequency of your training with PHALLOSAN forte.

The further into the green section you are the better and more effective your training is. In order to input the required data for your Training Plan click on the large button.


2. Enter personal details

To create your training plan, you must first provide some information. The input takes place on five separate pages. You can switch back and forth between the different steps.

The first input page records some personal data, such as age and weight, which can have a slight effect on the training plan. You also specify the default setting for the dimensions used in the app. You can change this later in the settings.


Enter the values ​​of your current measurement on the second input page. The values ​​for penis length and penis girth are recorded - each in flaccid and erect state. Please also note our Recommendations for measurements that are as correct and comparable as possible .


On the third input page, choose whether the app should support you with a training plan or not. If you choose so, you can specify the planned daily wearing times. The app then always automatically reminds you shortly before the start of training with a short message. You can also change this information later in the settings if necessary.


On the fourth page you can set the desired pulling strength. Beginners shouldn't set the pull too high to get used to wear PHALLOSAN forte. You can always increase the pulling strength later to make your training more intense. We recommend advanced PHALLOSAN forte users additional training units with PHALLOSAN plus+ for optimal penis enlargement.


The last page provides extra motivation: Here you get an outlook on the results that will be possible with your current training plan in the next 3 months.

The PHALLOSAN forte app then automatically leads you back to the dashboard.


You can now easily record your daily training times by switching the built-in timer on or off on the dashboard. At the beginning of the application press the button “start training” and at the end press the button “end training”. The app automatically records the wearing times and creates your statistics from them.

Ideally, from now on you should enter your current measurement results into the app every seven days to document your progress.

3. Call up the main menu

All functions of the app are available via the main menu. You open the menu by tapping the menu symbol on the top left corner or by dragging the screen from left to right.

Here, for example, you can view our service numbers and call up information and tips about using your PHALLOSAN forte.

We wish you a lot of fun and extra-fast success with the PHALLOSAN forte app! We look forward to praise, criticism and suggestions. You are welcome to rate the app in the Android Playstore or App Store.

We hope all of our PHALLOSAN forte users see rapid results and we look forward to receiving your suggestions and opinions concerning our product or the PHALLOSAN forte App.