Small penis (Penishypoplasie)

The dissatisfaction with your own body

Many men feel at least insecure about whether their penis size is sufficient to satisfy their partner sexually. For some, this concern can get so out of hand that it damages their self-esteem and self-confidence.

Anyone who thinks they have a small penis can definitely improve their quality of life and self-confidence with the PHALLOSAN forte stretch belt system. Here we summarize for you the worries that drive men with (at least perceived) small penises - and how PHALLOSAN forte can help.

Average penis size: When is a penis small?

Every man has done it at some point: using a ruler to measure their erection and then googling to find out whether their penis size is above or below average. There are many studies on penis size worldwide - with very different results. If you want to find out about average penis sizes, there are a few things you should bear in mind:

  • The measurement results depend heavily on who collects them: Is it the researchers or the test subjects? Because if the study participants themselves apply the measuring tape, the average penis length is usually longer.
  • The results vary greatly, usually in a range between approx. 12 and 15 cm. But:
  • So far, there is no recognizable correlation between characteristics such as origin or body size and penis size (see also: "Big nose - big penis?").
  • You won't get a truly objective answer to the questions "What penis size is normal?" or "Is my penis too small?" from studies. The range of measured results is too wide for this - and a characteristic such as "penis too small" cannot be clearly defined scientifically and objectively anyway.

In 2014, researchers in a British study analyzed the penis measurements of over 15,000 men from various previous research studies. According to the study, the average erect penis length worldwide is 13.12 cm.

A small penis - contradiction to the ideal image of a man

The assumption that a man is "not a real man" if he has a small penis is something you are bound to have come across more than once in everyday life and pop culture. Be it when it is said that a man with an expensive car is trying to compensate for his small penis. Be it in American sitcoms or internet forums where men and women discuss how important penis size really is. The discussion is often conducted with a wink. Nevertheless, this can have an unsettling or hurtful effect on men. However, it is not uncommon for very real life experiences to cause real psychological distress in men. Perhaps at some point a partner has made a mocking comment about penis size, perhaps a friend has cracked a joke in the team shower. Such brief moments remain in the memory of some men for many years and have a lasting effect on their self-image. As a result, their sex life often suffers - regardless of the actual size of their penis. The belief that they will never be able to satisfy a partner properly and the resulting frustration can be so deeply rooted that a pathological self-hatred sets in.

Living with a small penis: what can men do?

Modern medicine - especially plastic surgery - is making incredible progress every year. So the obvious thought is: can't the penis be enlarged surgically? In reality, however, such operations are still incredibly expensive, often costing over 10,000 euros. Health insurance companies do not usually cover the costs. In addition, there are considerable risks to health and an almost always guaranteed reduction in erection quality afterwards. The end result is often not as impressive as the patient had hoped for beforehand.

However, there are certainly alternatives: for example, penis extenders such as PHALLOSAN forte. You do have to wear the extender regularly, preferably for six months, at least 8 hours a day. However, the chances of success for real, lasting and, above all, completely safe penis enlargement are very good. This is also proven by a clinical study from 2005, in which a test person was able to lengthen his penis by 4.8 cm (erect) - a peak value that should encourage you. Similar to muscle building, you stimulate your penis with the PHALLOSAN forte stretching belt every day with a low weight load. The finest tears in the tissue ensure that your penis slowly gains length and width.

PHALLOSAN forte has a decisive advantage over other penis enlargement methods such as vacuum pumps: after a short time, the belt becomes part of your everyday life. This not only enables constant, hour-long stimulation of the penile tissue. Above all, you don't have to worry about your penis being too small all the time.