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Dear PHALLOSAN customer or potential PHALLOSAN customer, our support team is happy to answer any questions you may have about PHALLOSAN forte either by email or by telephone. Time and again, however, we receive either very similar or identical questions. We have therefore compiled here on this page an overview of the most frequently asked questions that arise in relation to the buying and using PHALLOSAN forte. Please also refer to our many instructional videos at http://www.phallosan.info/videos.html.

If you are unable to find suitable answers to your questions, our support team will be glad to help, who can be reached by the following means:


Tel. +423 235 84 77 (Liechtenstein, Mo-Fr 14-16 Uhr)

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My credit card was rejected when I tried to place an order. What can I do?

We usually get a very quick response from the credit card companies when something doesn't work with our payment system. We would therefore request that you first of all ask your credit card company if your card is working properly and whether it has been activated for online purchases. You may also want to consider another payment method such as PayPal or Sofortüberweisung.
Should you repeatedly experience problems with your card, however, please feel free to contact our hotline. Please make sure you mention the card issuer to make it easier for us to find the problem.

No input form for my details appears when I pay by credit card.

Like almost all online retailers, we also use external payment processors. In very rare cases, the interfaces used may stop working for a short period of time. Please first try reloading the payment process by going back one step in the ordering process and then proceeding to the payment page again. If necessary, try to complete the order process again 10 minutes later. If the error persists, please send us an email at service@phallosan.com

Has my payment already been received?

Payments made by bank transfer usually require a few days to be processed in international financial transactions. You are nevertheless welcome to enquire of us as to whether your payment has already been received - simply provide us with your order number.

Can I order PHALLOSAN forte by cash on delivery?

Unfortunately we do not offer shipping with cash on delivery. PHALLOSAN forte can be purchased securely and conveniently by bank transfer, PayPal or credit card. For purchases made in Germany, we are also able to accept payments using SOFORTÜBERWEISUNG.

How can I cancel my order?

If we have not already dispatched your order, it is usually very easy to cancel it. Please simply get in touch with our support team at service@phallosan.com. If you paid for the order by bank transfer, please have your IBAN/BIC at hand so that we can transfer the payment back to you.

Can I return PHALLOSAN forte even if I have already used it?

Once the inner seal has been opened, it is unfortunately no longer possible to return the product. Should you have any problems with using the product or be dissatisfied with it, our support team will certainly be able to help you.

Can I order PHALLOSAN forte over the phone or by email?

Unfortunately we are not able to take orders over the telephone. Please use our online shop instead. We are only able to accept orders by email in business-to-business sales, for example for pharmacies and online pharmacies.

What customs duties will my order incur?

There are no customs duties for most European countries or in the United States. You can view the customs duties for certain delivery countries as they are currently available to us (without guarantee of correctness and up-to-dateness) in the blue box on our order pages (e.g. https://www.phallosan.com/order-now.php). If you have any doubts, please consult your local customs office for the specific provisions.

I would like to exercise my right of cancellation. What do I have to do?

Please follow the instructions on our pages concerning the right of cancellation.
United Kingdom: https://www.phallosan.co.uk/order-now/return-guarantee.html
USA: https://www.phallosan.com/order-now/return-guarantee.html
Canada: https://www.phallosan.ca/order-now/return-guarantee.html
Germany: https://www.phallosan-forte.de/bestellung/widerrufsrecht.html
Please also be sure to note the indicated returns address. This allows us to process your cancellation as quickly as possible. Our logistics service providers inform us as soon as the returned product has been received and we then complete the lawful cancellation by refunding you the purchase price.

I’m still using the classic PHALLOSAN. Where can I get replacement parts for it?

Please understand that we are no longer able to offer replacement parts for the previous model. We recommend that you switch to the new and improved PHALLOSAN forte model.

I am a retailer and would like to sell the PHALLOSAN forte. Do you offer B2B conditions?

PHALLOSAN forte is distributed exclusively by us and by pharmacies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We therefore do not supply other retailers with our product. Pharmacies should contact our customer services to place an order or to submit a query.
We do, however, offer very interesting commission systems for affiliate marketing. If you are interested, you can find more information about the PHALLOSAN forte partner programme here.

How long does shipping usually take?

You will find a box with a blue background on our order pages (e.g. https://www.phallosan.co.uk/order-now.php), which shows you the estimated delivery time to a specific delivery country. Please bear in mind that this data is based on experience and we cannot make any guarantee delivery times or precise delivery dates.

Where do I find the tracking link for my order?

If you provided an email address during the order process, you will find the tracking link in the shipping confirmation that you received when your order was passed over to the delivery service. Please check in your spam folder if you do not appear to have received such an email. Please note that it often takes several WORKING DAYS for international transactions made by bank transfer to appear in our account. We always dispatch immediately upon receipt of payment.
If you did not provide an email address when you placed the order, please request a tracking link from our support team. Simply give them the name and order date.

Does the parcel really come in discrete and neutral packaging?

We always ensure 100% discretion. It is impossible to ascertain what is inside the parcel from the packaging. It’s therefore perfectly safe to have the parcel handed over to a neighbour.

Which delivery service delivers in my country?

We ship our products using DHL in Germany and Austria. In the United States, PHALLOSAN forte is shipped by FedEx. Deliveries in other countries are performed by FedEx and/or the respective local postal service.

Can you give the delivery service a particular date or location for delivery?

Unfortunately we do not have any means of influencing the delivery service when it comes to delivery times (e.g. time of day) or delivery conditions (e.g. leave at reception). We can only provide the delivery service with the specified address that you entered during the order process.

By how many inches or centimeter can PHALLOSAN forte lengthen the penis?

Tangible growth and the length of time it takes to achieve certain results depend on individual conditions. In our clinical study, the best result after 6 months was an increase of 1.9 inches (4.9cm) at rest and 1.3 inches (4.8cm) erect. The mean value was 0.58 inches (1.47cm).

Are the results permanent?

We recommend to use PHALLOSAN another 4-6 weeks after reaching your personal goal. Through this the results will stay for a lifetime.

The vacuum doesn’t remain stable. What can I do?

If the vacuum does not remain still, first of all check that there are no holes in the condom and that the pump is working properly. Please refer to our video "How to repair the pump".

I have an uncomfortable pulling sensation on the shaft of my penis.

Please watch the following video, it will release the pressure immediately. It is important that you do not feel any pulling force on the foam ring.
The pulling force should be exerted mainly on the hard plastic bell or sleeve condom. » Video...

There are small blisters forming on the foreskin. What can I do?

Blisters on the foreskin are almost always the result of too much tension being applied by the device. In this case, please stop using the product until the blisters have healed completely. When you restart the training, make certain that the tensile strength measurement does not go into the red zone. Pump no more than 3-5 times so that the vacuum does not become too strong. Blisters are even more likely to form if the vacuum is set to too high a setting and you do not use the recommended protector cap.
You should also make sure that the vacuum bell is not too tight - if it is too tight, the vacuum will not exert its pressure evenly. A larger bell should be used in such a case.
In some cases the formation of blisters may be caused by an accumulation of fluid (urine) in the vacuum bell. If this is the case, make sure that your member has been cleaned thoroughly before using PHALLOSAN forte.

There is fluid in the vacuum bell in the morning after using PHALLOSAN forte overnight.

This fluid is just urine. Maintain good hygiene after going to the toilet and set the tension a little lower. Doing this will usually solve the problem.

How should I set the tension to achieve fast results?

We recommend that you stay within or at the end of the green area of the traffic light system on the drawbar and only if you feel you need a little more drawbar tension, slowly and carefully progress to the yellow area, but avoid the red area completely. Too much tension is counterproductive, can cause inflammation and moreover causes the cells to contract again instead of forming new ones.

Should I pull back the foreskin before applying the protector cap?

You do not necessarily have to pull back the foreskin. Many customers find it more comfortable to place the protector cap over the foreskin.

How do I apply the protector cap if I am not circumcised?

If you are uncircumcised, you can choose whether you gently pull back the foreskin before applying the cap, or whether you simply place it over the foreskin. It entirely depends on which method you find more comfortable.

Even though I’ve been already been using PHALLOSAN forte for a long time, I haven’t noticed any change in length or diameter.

We know that PHALLOSAN forte works. We are usually able to find the cause together if you can provide our support team with t he following information:

• For how many hours per day do you use PHALLOSAN forte?
• When did you start using the product, and how regularly do you train with PHALLOSAN forte?
• Have you gained weight within the last 4 months (more than 8kg)?
• Are you currently taking specific medication or tablets for hair growth?
• Does the white foam ring feel uncomfortable when you wear PHALLOSAN forte?
• Do you feel a pulling and tingling sensation when you remove PHALLOSAN forte?

We also recommend that you use the PHALLOSAN forte app for Android or iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) telephones and tablet computers. This gives you control over your daily training and allows you to record your progress.

Can I straighten my penis WITHOUT lengthening it with PHALLOSAN forte?

As a general principle, it is not possible to straighten the penis with PHALLOSAN forte without simultaneously lengthening and enlarging it.

I have read in forums that PHALLOSAN forte does not work if you are also taking hair growth products.

Prescription hair growth products reduce potency and also affect how often a man gets an erection - a healthy man should have 3-5 each night. If these do not occur, the body starts to break down the penis (as happens in cases of paralysis). PHALLOSAN forte can counteract this effect, but not to the same extent as in a man who is not taking such remedies.

Do I have to take rest periods when wearing PHALLOSAN forte?

No. Since the penis is not made of muscle tissue, you do not need to take breaks. For quick results, we recommend a daily wearing time of 8-10 hours.

I’ve noticed blood in my sperm after using PHALLOSAN forte.

This has nothing to do with PHALLOSAN forte. Blood can appear in sperm following sex or if the penis has been bent too forcefully. Abstain from sexual relations for three days and do not use PHALLOSAN forte during this period either.

Do you also offer intermediate sizes for the sealing collars?

The 3 standard sizes of the sealing collars have proven themselves to be effective in practice. We therefore do not currently offer any other intermediate sizes for the sealing collars.

Is the belt washable?

PHALLOSAN can be hand washed at 30°C. All components in contact with the skin are certified free of harmful substances pursuant to Ökotex/100. The foam padding and the textile belt are TÜV tested, can be opened using Velcro fasteners, and all of the parts can be washed individually.

Should I wash the sleeve condom and protector cap?

Yes, please wash the protector cap and the sleeve condom thoroughly with warm water and soap after each use.
Then air dry and lightly powder with baby powder on the inside and outside (make sure there is no talcum powder in the baby powder).

My sleeve is torn. Can I get a replacement?

Please send our support team a photo of the torn sleeve along with your order number. We will then check on a case-by-case basis whether you are eligible for a free replacement. Please always consult the instructions for use and care for sleeves in the official instructions (“Care instructions” section). Please also refer to our instructional videos at http://www.phallosan.info/videos.html, which will ensure that the sleeves have a long service life.

One of the parts of my PHALLOSAN forte is damaged. How can I get a replacement?

Please send our support team a photo of the defect along with your order number and a description of the defect. We will then check on a case-by-case basis whether you are eligible for a free replacement or if the part was damaged through improper use. Please do not send us any defective parts through the post unless we ask you to do so.

PHALLOSAN forte squeaks while I am wearing it.

This only happens if the belt is worn too low and not as shown in the instructions. Wear the belt a little higher and the noise will disappear.

The pump has a leak. How can I get a replacement?

If the vacuum does not remain still, first of all check that there are no holes in the condom and that the pump is working properly. Please refer to our video "How to repair the pump". If this does not help, then the pump is probably broken. In this case please contact our support team.

How long is the service life of PHALLOSAN forte?

The only wear parts in PHALLOSAN forte are the sealing collars and the protector caps. The other components of PHALLOSAN forte will last a long time, providing they are used appropriately.

How can I sign up to the partner programme?

Please click here to go to the homepage of the partner programme. Click here on “Register“ and follow the instructions on the screen.

How much is the commission per device sold?

We are currently offering 100 USD commission (subject to change at any time).

How long is the cookie lifetime?

The duration of the cookies is 14 days and we work according to the first-come-first-served principle.

When will the commission be paid?

Payments are always made on the 1st of the month (excluding public holidays or weekends).

As an affiliate, may I run paid online campaigns using the brand name PHALLOSAN forte?

No. We expressly do not allow our affiliates to participate in PPC programmes (pay per click, especially Google AdWords) with the brand name "PHALLOSAN" or "PHALLOSAN forte" in order to avoid confusion with us as the official contact as well as costly competitive situations. Please also refer to our General Terms and Conditions for Affiliates.

Which domain names can I use as an affiliate?

Please note that PHALLOSAN and PHALLOSAN forte are protected trademarks. We therefore generally do not allow affiliates to use domain names that include these brand names. In any case, please be sure to avoid any potential confusion with us as the official provider.

What content am I allowed to offer on my affiliate page?

We will provide a lot of image and video material for your affiliate account. In general, you should use the materials provided for your web presence. Copying our web pages or imitating them is not permitted in any circumstances. Visitors to your website must be able to recognise that it is NOT one of our offers (it is mandatory to include your own imprint and/or contact details).
Copying longer text passages from our official pages (duplicate content) is likewise not permitted.

Where can I get the app?

For Android devices, the PHALLOSAN app is available in the official Google PlayStore. You can find the iOS app for Apple devices in the Apple Appstore.
IMPORTANT: We strongly caution against installing the PHALLOSAN app from sources other than Google Play and Apple iTunes, as they may be fraudulent.

Are my data protected in the app?

Your data will only be stored on your device. No data will be transferred to us or third parties. This also means that you must ensure that your data is backed up and restored in case of damage to or loss of your device (by means of backup and restore programmes available for your device).
The respective distribution platforms (Google Play, Apple iTunes) may store data about the apps you have installed and how you use them. We have no control over this.

The app will not install or start, what should I do?

Given the large number of smartphones and tablets available and the rapid development of technology, it may be that the app cannot be installed or run on certain devices. Please appreciate that it is not possible for us to follow up every single report. However, we would be grateful if you could send us key details such as the model, operating system, version etc. by email. This will help us make the app even better in the future.

How can I reset the app to its original state?

You will find this function in the main menu under "Settings/Reset App". Please note that all the data you have saved in the app will be lost.

I'm changing my mobile device. Can I import my data in the app to the new device?

Our current app has an import/export function for this purpose. Back up your data on the old device and import the file created in the process into the newly installed version on the other device. The settings and data in the app will then be identical.
There are also some apps on the market that allow to backup and transfer complete installations from one device to another (e.g. "Android Assistant" on Android devices). We can not give any advice on such tools and you will use them at your own risk.
TIP: Back up your data regularly using the export function. This allows you to restore your training progress in the event that your device is lost or damaged.