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Erectile dysfunction as a result of metabolic disorder.

Erectile dysfunction in diabetes mellitus

Erectile dysfunction as a result of metabolic disorder

Almost every second middle-aged man with diabetes suffers sooner or later from restrictions in sexuality. The zest for life decreases as a physical consequence of disability in the form of erectile dysfunction, in which the member can no longer achieve sufficient length and rigidity. Unfortunately, this has an adverse effect on the life of the person concerned, his partner and the partnership overall.


As a chronic metabolic disorder, diabetes may also lead to circulatory disorders and nerve damage, as the high blood sugar level damages the small blood vessels and nerves, resulting in autonomous neuropathy. Nerves and vessels in the extremities and on critical structures in the genital area no longer function correctly. The member is less and less able to remain erect – until after an extended, gradual process an erection is no longer possible.


One of the positive effects of PHALLOSAN forte is the vastly improved blood circulation throughout the penis. This has the effect of a better supply of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles and tissue of the peripheral nerves and vessels affected by the metabolic disorder. The positive change can already be felt after only a few days.

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