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Many people fear the disparaging looks of co-workers and friends under the showers or in the sauna.

Subjective penis hypoplasia

Psychological effects of a small penis

By no means should we neglect or even ridicule the group of men who subjectively judge that their member is too short or too small. This group embraces all walks of life, regardless of educational background. Although the length of their penis in an erect state conforms to the average size, these men suffer emotionally from the subjectively small size of their penis. They fear the appraising look of colleagues and friends under the shower or in the sauna.


Many men have a penis obsession: for them a large penis when flaccid stands for power, sexual potency and strength. Subjectively perceived penis hypoplasia often starts in childhood at school and manifests itself later in experiences during military service, sport, sauna, fitness studio, etc. If the penis remains small (due to illness or genetic predisposition), self-confidence and personal appearance may remain underdeveloped.
When the stress becomes unbearable, this psychological problem revolving around a small penis naturally belongs in the hands of an experienced sexual therapist. Nevertheless, the number of men who are unable to open themselves up to a therapist due to a wrong sense of shame or fear is regrettably high.


If a man really feels that his penis is too small and wishes to undergo treatment despite consultation with a reputable specialist, PHALLOSAN forte is a method that is medically safe and provides a low-cost remedy for his psychosexual disorder. At the same time all future treatment options remain open. In contrast to therapies involving pills and ointments that promise a larger penis, treatment with PHALLOSAN forte incurs no risky side effects.

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