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Penis extension with PHALLOSAN forte: naturally and discretely.

Penis extension without risk or surgery

Permanently and effectively for more enjoyment of life

Are you also not satisfied with your penis? Do you feel uncertain when you stand in front of the mirror or do you simply wish for a few more centimeters of enjoyment in life? Many men share their concerns and wish for a longer penis and greater self-esteem. The fear of a surgical procedure is frequently high and the risk difficult to estimate. Natural alternatives include mechanical penis extension methods using a vacuum system and stretching device. A surgical procedure is not required and your penis is extended effectively and sustainably. They are often considered uncomfortable or even painful. PHALLOSAN forte is a patented belt system for the extension of the penis which combines successful mechanical methods with optimal comfort when worn. Extending the penis painlessly and without risk: PHALLOSAN forte must finally no longer be a pipe dream. The continual stretching of the penis achieves an extension that is sustainable enabling more enjoyment of life and sexual attractiveness.

Natural penis extension by stretching and drawing

PHALLOSAN forte is a genial system for extending the penis through stretching resulting from years of research and development. The principle is based on extending and stretching the skin tissue as the case in the process of bodybuilding. The continual stretching of the penis causes the formation of micro fissures where the body then deposits new cells. The penis becomes longer and the circumference also increases. Approx. 1.1" to 1.9" per year is possible for the extension of the penis depending on how long the belt system is worn during the day. Moreover the blood circulation in the penis tissue improves which leads to improved potency and contributes to a stronger erection. Some new users also speak of increased libido and more sexual desire. The result is frequently more self-confidence, charisma and certainty.

Discretely and inconspicuously extend the penis

PHALLOSAN forte is not only effective. It is also inconspicuous and offers you a high degree of comfort when worn. This is of particular importance because the results of natural penis extension using the PHALLOSAN forte stretching system depends decisively on how often it is worn per day. The longer you stretch the penis the greater the success. It is not just the visible success of PHALLOSAN in the extension of the penis that is top priority. The developers have also focused on wearing comfort. The PHALLOSAN forte system is ideally adjustable to the size of your penis due to its differing sizes of penis cover. The adjustable belt buckle allows the belt to be adjusted individually with the whole system becoming completely inconspicuous under clothing due to its stylish and minimalist design. PHALLOSAN forte is put on in a few minutes and you decide yourself whether your penis in the pump device is worn on the left or right of the groin. As the pump device is firmly joined to the belt system you always have it with you and are able to simply remove or wear PHALLOSAN forte as required. This means you are able to pursue your normal routine and your work as usual and effectively extend your penis also at night.

Safely and gently achieve a longer penis

PHALLOSAN forte is a gentle and absolutely safe method for the extension of the penis. The protector cap made of ultra-soft silicone included in the delivery contents reliably protects the penis glans from coming under too much pressure. Besides, the colour system incorporated in the device ensures you have perfect control over the effect of the draw tension on your penis. It provides information on the optimal draw tension suitable for the penis extension and contributes to the safety of the system. The blood circulation of your penis is not at any time restricted by wearing the belt. Whether you find yourself sitting in an office, doing daily activities or sleeping: PHALLOSAN forte fits inconspicuously and conveniently into your life. You achieve a successful sustainable natural extension of your penis without any surgical procedures and enjoy physical wellbeing and more self-confidence due to an extended penis. A glance in the mirror no longer needs to be disturbing or add to uncertainty. It is able to give you strength and release new energy for daily life.

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