Small dick

The colloquial small penis

Colloquial expression for a penis that is too small in men. The term small dick is usually used in a degrading form of address.

The medically correct term penis hypoplasia is used when the congenital length of the penis remains noticeably below the average size. Men who are born with a penis that is too small are said to have penile hypoplasia if the male member remains small despite growth. In Western culture, this corresponds to around 11-12 cm/4.3-4.7 inches when erect. Statistically, however, the average length of the penis varies greatly between different cultures.

Effects of a small dick

In contrast to a micropenis, a small dick usually has mainly psychological effects on its wearer. Practical problems during sexual intercourse only occur with a very short penis.

Treatment of a small penis

Penis extenders such as PHALLOSAN can be used to lengthen the penis by continuously stretching it. Vacuum systems also increase the girth of the penis at the same time.