Penis girth

Is penis girth really more important than length?

A certain dissatisfaction with their own penis length is probably also the main reason why many men become aware of PHALLOSAN forte. Another characteristic relating to penis size is often forgotten: girth. Many forget that a sufficient penis girth is particularly important for stimulating the intravaginal arousal points and therefore contributes more to the sexual pleasure of the partner than the length. Here you can find out how to measure your girth correctly and what you can do to give yourself and your partner more sexual pleasure, even if you are a little smaller. The PHALLOSAN forte stretching belt system, which has been proven to increase the girth of your penis, can be an important aid.

How large is the average man's girth?

First, a brief interpersonal and cross-species comparison: Statements about the average circumference of the human penis vary greatly depending on the study and the measurement method used. Unsurprisingly, the average length and penis thickness show higher values when the participants in a study carry out the measurements themselves. For this reason, you should only take seriously studies in which scientific staff apply the measuring tape. A meta-study from England in 2014 probably provided the most reliable values to date in terms of penis size and thickness. It analyzed and summarized the data from various previous studies. The London-based research group drew on a series of international studies on penis length and girth in which the test subjects had not taken the measurements themselves and came from many different parts of the world. The result: the average penis length worldwide is 13.12 cm, the average penis circumference is 11.66 cm. The values were measured in an erect state.

Incidentally, it is not true that humans have a larger penis compared to primates. Compared to gorillas or chimpanzees, however, they have a larger penis circumference. This could have evolutionary causes, say some scientists. As the birth canal inevitably had to enlarge in the course of human development with the increasing brain and skull size of the infant, it would make sense if the penis girth had also developed accordingly. A thicker penis creates more pressure and friction in the vagina and therefore, in most cases, more arousal. On the other hand, ejaculation is more likely if the penis itself experiences sufficient friction from the surrounding tissue.

Penis girth and vaginal orgasm - why thickness matters more than length

The clitoris is particularly sensitive to penetration during sex - and this does not (only) refer to the clitoral glans, the externally visible part of the organ. The clitoris actually consists of a large, externally invisible layer of tissue made up of erectile tissue, which enlarges during sexual stimulation. The clitoral tissue lies directly behind the vaginal entrance and is closely connected to the pelvic floor in a complex network. The countless nerve endings are particularly sensitive to friction and pressure. Stimulation from a comparatively thick penis therefore generally feels more intense, increasing the likelihood of achieving orgasm through penetration rather than direct stimulation of the clitoral glans.

It can therefore make sense for your partner to regularly train her pelvic floor muscles in order to narrow her vaginal canal with the newly gained muscle strength. This way you will both feel more during sex. A vaginal orgasm will be more within reach for her and may even feel more intense. She can use love beads as a training tool, for example. These are a mixture of sex toy and medical device. The beads with retrieval straps are inserted into the vagina and should be worn regularly for a few minutes, and later a few hours, during everyday life or while exercising. Physical movement moves the balls in the vagina, which automatically contracts the pelvic floor muscles. Another option for pelvic floor training is the so-called Kegel exercise, named after the urologist Arnold Kegel. This involves deliberately tensing the pelvic floor muscles for a few seconds (as if you wanted to stop urinating in the middle of the process) and then relaxing them again.

PHALLSOAN forte can also help you to increase your girth: This is because the constant tension encourages the body to produce new cells, which has a particular effect on penis length. The negative pressure in the vacuum bell also ensures increased blood flow and can therefore widen the erectile tissue. The result: a harder erection and an enlarged penis circumference.

Measuring the penis girth correctly

To determine the exact circumference of the penis, simply place a measuring tape on the penis shaft - at the thickest point. Regardless of whether you measure your penis in a flaccid or erect state, it is advisable to repeat the measurement on several days. A deviation of a few millimetres is completely normal, as the strength of the blood flow depends on the degree of arousal and the form of the day. If necessary, it is also sufficient to wrap a simple string exactly around the penis shaft once and then measure the corresponding section.