Average penis size

What is the normal penis length?

The average size of the penis is 13.12 cm. This refers to the average penis size worldwide when erect. This was the result of a British study in 2014, in which researchers calculated the average penile size of over 15,000 test subjects.

Perhaps this study will help men to worry a little less about their own penis size. After all, every man is certainly familiar with worries about the appearance or size of his penis, at least from puberty. Here we dispel a few myths about average penis size - and hopefully we can also dispel some fears. If you still want a bigger penis, you've definitely come to the right place: Enlarging your penis and thus gaining a few centimetres over the average, for example, is definitely possible - and all without surgery or taking medication.

Is my penis too small? - Why worries about your penis size are usually unfounded

A man with a small penis is a bad lover and therefore not a fully-fledged man - an image of men that has been propagated in the media for years. If you add to this the fact that men and women today can express their sexual preferences much more openly and freely than ever before, it becomes understandable why so many men are concerned about their penis size or average penis size. It is not uncommon for men to put so much pressure on themselves that their worries can become a real psychological problem.

This is why worrying about penis size is usually not necessary:

  • As the study mentioned at the beginning shows: The average penis length is only 13.12 cm/5.16 inches, the penis girth 11.66 cm/4.59 inches - less than some worried men might assume. However, this average value also shows that values a few centimeters above or below this are completely normal.
  • The average penis size of 13.22 cm also makes it clear that men's expectations of themselves are often completely unrealistic. Pop culture and the porn industry also contribute to this, spreading an exaggerated ideal image of a man.
  • Men have higher expectations of themselves than women. This is the result of a Californian study from 2006. In an online survey, over 52,000 heterosexual women and men were asked about their penis or that of their partner. 85 percent of women stated that they were satisfied with the size of their partner's penis, whereas only 55 percent of men were satisfied.
  • Most women reach orgasm more easily through clitoral stimulation - an orgasm triggered by vaginal penetration alone remains a rarity for most. This should encourage men whose penis is slightly below average size: There are many ways to bring a woman to orgasm.
  • For many women, girth is more important than penis length.
  • Penis size is not set in stone: there are ways and means by which you can achieve penis enlargement. Orthopaedic penis extension, in which the penis is stimulated by regular, light weight bearing, has proven to be very reliable.

What can I do if I am below the average penis size?

First of all, we can only advise you not to make your (sexual) self-confidence dependent on your penis size alone. If your frustration about this leads to depressive phases and makes it difficult to deal normally with sexuality and love, psychotherapy is definitely advisable.

Nevertheless, it is perfectly okay to want a larger penis - regardless of whether you are above or below the average penis size. A larger penis can possibly help you and your partner to have more fun in bed. You will also enjoy your sexuality more simply because you have improved body and self-esteem. PHALLOSAN forte was developed precisely for this purpose: It enables men to naturally enlarge their penis. And it does so completely pain-free, without health risks and without expensive cosmetic surgery. However, you must wear the stretch belt system regularly over a period of around 6 months. In a clinical study, one test person even achieved a peak increase in length of 4.8 cm/1.88 inches with PHALLOSAN forte. This should be enough to help most men achieve an above-average or at least average penis size.

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