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References & Press on PHALLOSAN forte penis enlargement

References & Press

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TV report from "Brisant" on PHALLOSAN forte and the results of the clinical study

The "Brisant" show recently reported on the success of PHALLOSAN forte and the excellent results of the study. Here you can read the complete report in which an enthusiastic user attests to its effectiveness.

Phallosan Forte Review: My Personal Experience (amateur video)

Press reports

PHALLOSAN forte in BILD-Zeitung
PHALLOSAN forte was successfully tested in a clinical study. BILD-Zeitung could not fail to notice that.

(PDF: approx. 3,7MB)
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Medical Tribune
Condom pulls penis
(PDF: approx. 92kB)
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Ärztliche Praxis Urologie Nephrologie
Non-invasive therapy for Induratio penis plastica
(PDF: approx. 900kB)
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Men's Health (Bulletin)
Treatment for Induratio Penis Plastica
Source: Study Dr. P. Jehle
(PDF: approx. 900kB)
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TV Apotheke
Induratio Penis Plastica
(PDF: approx. 1,0MB)
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MÄNNER Magazine
Because size matters

(PDF: approx. 110kB)
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Sign Magazine
How does PHALLOSAN forte work.
(PDF: approx. 300kB)
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Men's Health Online
Only mechanical devices work for penis enlargement
Men's Health Magazine
PHALLOSAN forte is soft and safe
(PDF: approx. 500kB)
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Men's Health Magazine
Comparison of different PE techniques.
(PDF: approx. 500kB)
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Men's Health - "Better in Bed"
Men's Health referred to PHALLOSAN forte as the classic penis extender.
(PDF: ca. 650kB)
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Wa(h)re Liebe
PHALLOSAN forte was featured in “Wa(h)re Liebe”, a popular show on the subject of sex on Germany’s VOX television.