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After a few days you will be wearing PHALLOSAN forte like a second skin.


Penis enlargement by continuous tension


The human body has the ability to build new cells if exposed to constant stimulation.

This mechanism was first recognized by primitive tribes and used for cult purposes. For example, it was and still is used for lengthening or enlarging the lips, ear lobes… and the penis.

Extension as a principle of new 
					cell formation

Modern medicine uses the artificial distension of the skin, for example, to create flaps of skin for transplantation, or to create space for a breast implant with the aid of a so-called expander after the removal of a breast. The effectiveness of PHALLOSAN forte has been scientifically proven since 2004. PHALLOSAN forte was mentioned in 2005 in the world’s pre-eminent scientific journal for urologists Sexual Medicine on the subject of penis enlargement and in 2009 on the subject of penis curvature. We will be pleased to send a copy of the original report to your physician.


PHALLOSAN forte functions according to the soft-power method

The newly developed protector cap made of ultrasoft silicone ensures absolute safety in the application of PHALLOSAN forte: it encloses the glans and foreskin and protects them if the tension is set too high.

The consistency of the silicone cap specially developed by PHALLOSAN forte for this application more or less precludes the risk of swelling, redness or blistering.

Because the PHALLOSAN forte protector cap exerts a constant slight pressure under tension (comparable to the pressurized suit of a jet pilot), even a stronger tension setting is now completely harmless. In short: earlier success is possible.

Best results are achieved when a more moderate tension is exerted on the penis when worn for eight hours a day.

The soft power method ensures that you will only feel PHALLOSAN forte at the outset – and then only slightly. After a few days you will be wearing PHALLOSAN forte like a second skin.

The benefits of PHALLOSAN forte:

  • PHALLOSAN forte acts gently and effectively
  • No side effects, provided the instructions for use are observed
  • PHALLOSAN forte remains invisible from the outside
  • May be worn to the left or right in the groin
  • Can be worn for long periods due to the protector cap of ultra-soft silicone
  • Can be worn overnight without a problem
  • After only a few days, wearing PHALLOSAN forte is barely noticeable
  • Suitable for all sizes
  • Integral suction pump and tension gauge
  • Comfortable to wear day and night
  • Allergen-free materials
  • Absolute discretion and free consulting