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PHALLOSAN forte is recommended for a variety of indications.


PHALLOSAN forte was developed for non-surgical straightening and enlargement of the penis.

The PHALLOSAN forte vacuum protector method is based on simple, non-surgical, painless (atraumatic) stretching of the entire penis tissue and the cavernous body within it, inducing the formation of new cells. This principle has been known to primitive peoples for centuries – but until PHALLOSAN forte was developed there was not a system or technique available worldwide that could guarantee this painless stretching process in the long term.

The success of wearing PHALLOSAN forte over a period of several months can be expressed in a simple formula:

3 (months wearing time) plus X = permanent new cell formation, so that the effect is a permanent increase in length and girth.

Orthopedic extension procedures

Leg extension is a procedure that has been familiar to orthopedic circles for more than 20 years. Following surgical transsection of the bone, the leg is subjected to systematic controlled stretching. The procedure employs a threaded system with which the leg is extended millimeter by millimeter. Not only does this stimulate the creation of new bone cells, it also generates connective and muscle tissue without damaging the nerves and blood vessels. The additional length has already given many patients a quality of life – just like PHALLOSAN forte.

Permanent results in length and girth

For successful and thus permanent penis lengthening or enlargement new cells must be formed in the penis. PHALLOSAN forte promotes growth in the cavernous bodies by vacuum and tensile force, and can also straighten the penis (in the case of curvature).

If the device is worn regularly for a period of several months the newly formed body cells can achieve a three-dimensional expansion. The penis grows in the length and girth. This effect is permanently maintained even after discontinuing use of the PHALLOSAN forte vacuum protector system.

PHALLOSAN forte is recommended for a variety of indications.