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Average penis size and length.

Average penis size

Average penis length

According to official studies the average size and length of the penis varies strongly with the origin of the carrier. It is not only popular wisdom, but a statistical fact; Africans have the largest and longest penises. Front-runners in this group are men of Sudanese origin, followed by Europeans and North Americans. In most studies Asian peoples come last, with an average penis size of 12–13 cm.
A study conducted in 2008 revealed that the average length in Europe is somewhat more than 14cm when erect. The French top the list with an impressive 15.5 cm, while German men must be content with an average penis length of almost a centimeter less.
However, we only speak of a small penis when its length deviates significantly from the average. In Europe this is around the 11–12 cm mark.

Average penis girth

The figures are widely divergent when it comes to the girth of the penis. A normal penis girth is considered to be within the range of about 11–14 cm. Nature thus provides greater latitude here, and even surveys among women have shown that preferences vary. Surveys among men also reveal that penis girth is an important criterion for many.

Measuring and calculating penis size

What is the correct way to measure the length and thickness of my penis?

Measurement of the penis in an erect state is imprecise, because length and circumference depend on the level of arousal. It is thus hardly possible to specify an average penis length.

Measure the penis with a meter rule held at the side, pressing one end against the pelvic bone and pulling the flaccid penis away from the body with the thumb and index finger. The penis cannot be longer than this, even when it is fully erect. Urologists use this method to measure penis length.
Important: Your body weight should be noted down on the day of measurement. In the event that you have put on weight after a few months, a so-called abdominal apron of up to several centimeters may have formed in the pubic hair region that could compromise the result.