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PHALLOSAN forte stimulates regeneration of the entire erectile tissue.

Prostate surgery aftercare: "erectile tissue training"

Experts consider it essential to start "training" the erectile tissue within a few weeks of surgery. Without regular oxygenation the erectile tissue converts to inelastic connective tissue, together with a loss of rigidity of the member and a reduction in penis size. Patients undertaking treatment with preparation who suffer from unpleasant side effects may see PHALLOSAN as an alternative. Unfortunately, the costs involved are not reimbursed by the health insurance company. After a surgery a man can only regain a satisfactory sexual life by using erection aids.

Sound prostate surgery aftercare is therefore a must!


Treatment with PHALLOSAN forte is inexpensive. PHALLOSAN forte stimulates regeneration of the entire erectile tissue. The technique involves an elastic belt on which a protective cap, combined with a sturdy condom, gently distributes the tension over the entire penis. Phallosan can be used to supplement the above-mentioned medication, but it can also be employed on its own. It can be worn invisibly beneath the clothing during the day, but also at night when sleeping. The therapy is purely mechanical. The constant vacuum passively induces increased blood flow to the erectile tissue and thus critical oxygenation.

PHALLOSAN forte has already been used successfully for many years for treating curvature or scarred distortions of the member, as well as for enlarging small penises (micropenis). The device is CE certified. It is also available from all German, Austrian and Swiss pharmacies.

Pharmacy Central Number/Pharma code:

PCN 4225888

PCN 3204565

PCN 3364866

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