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Penis deviation.

Penis deviation

Incurvate penis

Incurvate penis, whether congenital or acquired, may be aesthetically displeasing or painfully disruptive to sexual intercourse. Up until now, serious penis deviations requiring treatment have always been corrected by surgery. Superfluous tissue is excised from the tunica albuginea or the longer spongy body (corpus cavernosum), i.e. it is adjusted in the size of the shorter body by "taking in", and the penis is thus straightened. , this method results in a shortening of the member.

PHALLOSAN forte, in contrast, exerts continuous traction in the opposite direction and reduces the curvature in a painless and non-invasive process without shortening the penis. The active principle of PHALLOSAN forte is ideally suited to the treatment of this syndrome. It is the only procedure available worldwide for non-surgical treatment of incurvate penis.

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